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  • Shortly after the death of his father, Otto had become even more stern and reclusive than he already was. Eventually, he took out on a secret mission of behalf of his Clan, never to be seen again. Otto’s cousin, Dogma, has sworn to their clan to find him and bring him back home.
  • During her permanence in Vornheim, the great city state of the north, Dogma has learned that Otto was looking for a long lost mine of their Clan. He believed the mine to be located not far from the frontier town of Bleakwater.
  • Otto is held prisoner by the Necksnapper goblins in their secret hideout, Ghoul’s Keep. Source: Orrik.
  • The Necksnapper goblins work for a mysterious individual known as Black Spider. He had instructed Klarg’s goblins to kidnap any Dwarf found traveling on the road to Bleakwater, so she/he could interrogate him/her. Source: Klarg’s grotto, cfr. Episode 1: The Road To Bleakwater.
  • The people of Bleakwater have been harassed by a band of ruffians known as the Dog Boyz. The Townmaster, a spineless and greedy individual by the name of Orv, has done nothing about it (if not actively discouraging the villagers from taking action, fearing the ruffian’s retaliation).


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